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Tuesday, November 1st 2005

7:52 PM

All Saints

  • Reading: The Givenchy Code (total brain candy!)
  • Weather: Chocolate
The first hymn that I ever learned in its entirety, by memory, was For All the Saints Who From Their Labors Rest(This is part of the reason singing it from LW bugs me so much!)

I was having a pretty bad day today, and decided that the best antidote, given the fact that I was in my car running errands, was to sing. (I only do this when no one can hear me, for good reason!) Usually when I'm upset my song choices are either '80's power ballads or hymns.

I decided that since it was All Saints Day I would try the hymns. So first I sang For All the Saints. Then I sang Behold a Host Arrayed in White, and almost gave myself goosebumps.

The best part of the whole thing was the car full of teenage guys watching me at a stoplight. I think I made their whole day.
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