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Wednesday, November 9th 2005

8:15 AM

Bird Flu Again

  • Reading: The FW Journal-Gazette
  • Watching: FoxNews
Thanks to Pastor S. at Burr in the Burgh I'm thinking Avian Influenza again this morning.

First, he has an excerpt from a Luther Pamphlet that was written in the time of the bubonic plague about how we, as Christians, should react. Good stuff! He also provides a link to the whole pamphlet at Beggars All.

And the DOD has a page devotedto bird flu now.

I was pleased to discover there that India, where my dh will be spending a week next month, does not yet have bird flu. (Of course, he's needed shots for everything else!)

As for me, I'm going to the grocery to stock up on sauerkraut.
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