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Thursday, November 10th 2005

8:42 AM

Another Great Blog

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Now I've done it. I've stumbled on a treasure trove of political blogs. I've really been trying to avoid them as much as possible, because I can get really sucked into reading about politics!

But anyway, at GOP Bloggers there are several good pieces from the past couple of days. The most recent--at this point--is why the Dems won in the few major races that were held Tuesday. (Yes, Bloomberg is a nominal Republican.) The main point is that this could be a foretaste of the 2006 six elections if the Republicans in Washington don't stop acting like Democrats.

I know that there are a lot of us out here who are frustrated with what we are seeing. The Republican Study group offers some hope, but they are still a minority voice. We all need to put some pressure on the Republicans that we helped to elect. We need to let them know that we expect them to stop spending money that isn't there, and get to work on some things that could make lasting improvements, starting with Social Security reform.

(How bout we push for a flat tax while we're at it?!)

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