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Saturday, November 19th 2005

7:21 PM

What Classic Movie Am I?

  • Reading: The Anansi Boys
  • Watching: Secondhand Lions

What Classic Movie Are You?
personality tests by similarminds.com

Okay, this is part of me, but I think it kind of misses out on the FUN part. I don't think I'm a depressing movie.

Thanks to the Lutheran Logomaniac.

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Posted by Jacqui:

Well, I'm the same movie, I guess. Maybe we're both more depressing than we know :-?
Sunday, November 20th 2005 @ 11:10 AM

Posted by Polly:

Jane - That does seem kind of dark for you.
I am The Godfather - very controlling. Caleb says this is accurate.
Tuesday, November 22nd 2005 @ 6:04 AM

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