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Thursday, December 15th 2005

9:49 PM

What the Soldiers All Know ABout Iraq

Tim at Beggars All linked to a wonderful blog done by an embedded reporter in Iraq.

She is finding things in Iraq different that she expected from her consumption of the news back home. She sees a more positive picture and yet questions whether she should share it. It is a great insight into what our soldiers are doing and into why we aren't hearing more about it.

I know that this is a great frustration for those who have served and are serving in Iraq. My husband talked to a newly returned soldier on a long plane trip recently and the soldier was so upset by the news coverage. He was of the opinion that if the American people had a clear picture of what our armed forces were accomplishing in Iraq, of the relationships they are building with the Iraqi people, of the service they are providing, that the level of support would increase tremendously.

I hope that this reporter's blog is just one step in that direction.

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