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Friday, December 30th 2005

7:51 AM

Scrapbooking Magazines

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I'm a magazine freak. I have way too many subscriptions and am always letting some lapse and trying new ones. I have subscribed to one scrapbooking magazine or another since I started scrapping in 1998.

I'm sure that my magazine preferences owe much to my personal style which is very uncluttered and graphic. Since my kids were 12, 8, 6, & 3  when I started I've always been behind, so I like my pages to come together fairly quickly.

Last year Bethany received a subscription to Memory Makers as a gift. I found it overwhelmingly busy, both the mag itself and the pages it showcased. I subscribed to Creating Keepsakes for several years. It is a good general scrapbooking magazine and I enjoy it if I see it somewhere, but when weeding out subscriptions, it went away because of its more complicated layouts.

My two favorites by far are Simple Scrapbooks and Lasting Moments. Lasting Moments is from Creative Memories, so you won't see ideas for a wide range of products, and if you like using lots of the latest embellishments, this probably isn't a magazine for you. I like it because the ideas are very straightforward and easily adaptble. There are almost no ads.

Simple Scrapbooks is my favorite. It is a sister publication of CK and very professionally done, with a really nice clean look. I have gotten more good ideas for layouts, products, and organization from this magazine than any other.

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