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Friday, December 30th 2005

1:24 PM

A Couple of Organizing Tips

At the request of my friend Jennifer, here are a couple of tips that have helped me.

I have a nice looking open-topped file box with files in it marked: Bills To Pay, Cards To Mail, Events, Shopping & Coupons, and To Do. Each day I *should* as I open my mail sort things into the files. It has helped me tremendously with actually using the coupons I get from Barnes & Noble. It has also helped me keep track of invitations or ads about things that I want to attend. I used to write the event on my calendar but not be able to find the particulars when the time came.

It has not helped me as much with the cards to mail. This is one of the things that I am the worst at. The To Do folder is largely unused, because I now have one in a Longaberger desk organizer basket on my desk, because so much of my "To Do" involves the computer. But it has been great to have a specific place for things like forms that need to be filed out, faxed, or signed. I also keep my shopping list in here since we order most of our household products online.

Something else that helped me was getting nice flat boxes to put on the book shelf in my office to hold things like forms, brochures, and catalogues. I got nice- looking magazine boxes to hold my business and genealogy related magazines and newsletters so that when I am working at my desk my shelves aren't so distracting.

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