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Saturday, January 21st 2006

9:38 AM

The Haircut

My son Patrick's hair caused almost as big a stir as Pastor Petersen's tie at the Sabre ceremony Thursday night. The other acolytes were also threatening drugging and shaving, so he gave in and got a haircut. (Although we don't want the acolytes to get the idea that they were responsible!) Check out Bethany's Excuse for a Blog for the before and after pics and commentary.

So a big thank you to Pastor Fickel, Pastor Gehlbach, Paul Lagemann, and Pastor Petersen! I can see my son's eyes again!
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Posted by Meg:

aw, Jane, you made me chuckle with this one. My dh, our senior year of college, didn't cut his hair between leaving home in the fall and graduation. My roommate and I were threatening to shave his head if he didn't cut it before his mom saw him.
Saturday, January 21st 2006 @ 2:30 PM

Posted by Jennifer:

AMAZING what a difference a haircut makes. When my son gets his cut it almost seems to change his personality too, but it's probably more a change of my perception of him.
Sunday, January 22nd 2006 @ 11:00 AM

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