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Thursday, February 9th 2006

8:09 PM

The Truth Behind the Lies

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Okay, so everyone guessed which was true. But now it's time for the truth behind the lies.

1. When I was 17 I backed my 10-year-old Oldsmobile into my boyfriend's parents new Oldsmobile.
The truth: I was 18 and my boyfriend, aka Colin, backed his parents car into his track coach's car. (But I did drive a really *sweet* 1973 Cutlass Supreme.)

2. I threw up while bungee jumping at Deer Creek Music Center (now the Verizon Wireless Music Center) in May of 1999.
I saw someone else do this.

3. I locked myself out of my running minivan with 18-month-old Andrew inside in his car seat.
One of many less-than-stellar mommy moments.

4. When I was taking trampoline lessons in seventh grade I missed the tramp and broke my wrist.
I *did* take trampoline lessons in seventh grade.

5. I spilled a tray of drinks in Gene Keady's lap when I was waiting on him at Damon's in Lafayette, Indiana.
This is my personal favorite. I *wanted* to! I waited on Mr. Keady many times. He took up the best table in my section all night. His food was comped but he barely tipped. (I did however spill a whole tray of drinks on another guy once and it was not an accident.)
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